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Join us as we Pray and Honor our Blessed Mother

Daily Novena every day at 5:30pm.  Fiesta Saturday January 25, 2014 Novena will be at 4pm with Festal Mass following at 4:30pm and Procession and Na Taotao Tumanao  afterwards.

Fiestan Mongmong 2014 Schedule

Friday, January 17, 6pm

Theme: Man and Woman in the beginning.

Prayer Intention: For World Peace, Government Leaders, Confraternity of Christian Mothers, & Alter Servers, Families A to C.

Saturday, January 18, 6pm

Theme: Reading Theme for Sunday Mass

Prayer Intention: Good Harvest, Improved Economy, Music Ministry & Hospitality Ministry, Families D to F.

Sunday, January 19, 6pm

Theme: Reading Theme for Sunday Mass

Prayer Intention: Missionaries, Priestly, Religios Vocations, Lectors, & 1st & 2nd Confirmation Classes, Families G to I.

Monday, January 20, 6pm

Theme: The Good News: God has sent His Son

Prayer Intention: Poor, Homeless, & Unemployed, Ministry on Decorations, Family Formation 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grades, & Families J to L.

Tuesday, January 21, 6pm

Theme: The Saving death & ressurection

Prayer Intention: For the Sick, Elderly, Medical Caregivers, Ministry on Ground Maintenance, FFP Instructors, & Families M to O.

Wednesday, January 22, 6pm

Theme: Receive the Holy Spirit

Prayer Intention: For our Youth and Educators, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Grades, Families P to R.

Donation for Village Fiesta

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Thursday, January 23, 6pm

Theme: Reflecting the Light of Christ

Prayer Intention: For Spiritual Renewal & Healing Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Families S to V.

Friday, January 24, 6pm

Theme: For Marks of the Church

Prayer Intention: For all deceased relatives and friends, Parish Committee Organizations, Families W to Z.

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